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Why Have Two Wedding Videographers?

Lots of people have a second photographers but should you get two wedding videographers?

The vast majority of wedding videographers are single shooters, meaning it’s one videographer for the day, with at least one camera.Understandably, the package price for single shooters is usually lower as there are less people to pay. Some of the best videographers shoot with one person and do an amazing job, but there are advantages to having a second one.

Although the second videographer comes at a price premium, here are a few good reasons to consider it.


Unless the couple are getting ready in the same house/hotel, it can be difficult if not impossible to have both sets of prep. It’s also usually necessary to get set up at the ceremony location around 45/60 minutes before it starts. With two videographers, one half of the couple almost always gets to the venue before the other, so while the primary videographer is capturing the last minutes of one prep, the second videographer has time to set up static cameras, audio recording equipment and meet the officiant. The time between prep and ceremony is by far the tightest window of the day.


Most single shooters will have at least a second static camera unless they are doing highlights only or just starting out. With two wedding videographers you’ll usually have a more dynamic viewing experience when watching you video back. For instance, during a ceremony we have two manned cameras, plus two other static cameras. So, this means there is not just a constant shot, there is a choice of shots, especially during speeches and ceremony.


Weddings are, ideally, a once in a lifetime day with little room for second chances to capture things like the kiss, speeches and vows. It’s rare for a single videographer to miss critical moments, but two people manning separate cameras cuts the risk in half. It’s also peace of mind to know if one of your videographers is involved in a minor car accident that you have a backup ready at the ceremony.

Camera equipment, however reliable these days, breaks and memory cards corrupt. An ideal scenario is to be able to lose an entire camera’s footage and still be able to build a wedding video with the remaining footage. With a second shooter and usually multiple unmanned camera’s this should be somewhat possible.


Ever hit a creative block? Having a second person can lift the standard of both. You’re much more likely to go spend a bit of extra time perfecting that drone shot when you know it’s going to be closely critiqued by your colleague.

Doing an edit collaboratively means you have a second opinion on the smallest little details of the edit meaning a better final product for the couple. It’s not uncommon to have feedback like; “I would say reduce the clip at 3.04 by about 20 frames”. That type of attention to detail in a feedback loop is hard to beat.


With two wedding videographers shooting and editing, this can allow for quicker turnaround times for final edits. For us this mean we are able to have a four to six week window to get the edit over to you. That way the wedding in fresh in our minds, and we can get it back to couples quickly.


Some of the guys and gals who shoot weddings alone are superheros in our eyes. It’s a long day with many moving parts and at points can be stressful even with multiple videographers. Having that second person is both good company and means the primary shooter isn’t doing absolutely everything and can delegate.


Understandably, an extra set of hands means your two wedding videographers have additional time to be creative. They have time to get things like time lapse shots, more drone footage and generally try new things. While one is getting footage of guests arriving, the other can be capturing some more artistic shots. Both safe in the knowledge that the core elements are covered.



As we said, some of the best videographers only shoot with one person. Having two is not a silver bullet or indication of quality. There are a huge number of variables that make up quality. If  two wedding videographers are in budget and your chosen supplier offers it, then don’t hesitate, if it’s not then you can still expect a great video, so not to worry.

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